hidden away

"ghost orchid" is the name of the bonus track that is only available to those who preorder the new dream into dust CD, so beautiful and so dangerous.

it's a bittersweet acoustic/electronic song originally intended to be on the album. inspired in part by the film 'Adaptation', a ghost orchid is a very rare and hard to find flower. making it only a digital download makes it similarly ephemeral, while limiting its distribution to dedicated fans and supporters makes it as rare as its namesake.

the title ties in with the running theme of flowers throughout the album. the arrangement uses acoustic guitar, tying it to the songs "end of memory" and "flowers of destruction". it also contains electronic sounds similar to those used in "counterfeit". a deceptively pop-like center and shimmering shoegaze-like walls of guitar bring it along the lines of "secondhand daylight" while additional synth hooks may be reminiscent of "perfect vision". the lyrics also contain a reference to that song.

in a sense, the song encapsulates the sound and themes of the whole album. it addresses the passion of searching for (or even finding) something so beautiful and rare, and the danger inherent in losing yourself to that passion, or in losing that rarity.

in the end, it was left off the album because it flowed better without it, but it's still a worthy song with strong ties to the album's themes.

because there's a 2-week delay before we get the funding to press the CD, and several people asked if they could use paypal, or didn't have $ before now, i'm offering a paypal-only preorder until march 29th, 2012.

during this period, the 14-song digipak CD will still come with the 4-color card insert with download code for a "ghost orchid". postage is included in the USA and canada, but other countries must add $4 for shipping (cheaper than actual shipping cost).

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