wall of sound

i used to look forward to album releases. the feeling of anticipation when opening up the package, whether from the store or the mail. when i'd get it, i'd excitedly rip open the package, even if i was in transit. i could up the cover and look at the artwork, read titles and lyrics. if i didn't know the songs yet, i'd read the words as poetry and look forward to how they'd actually sound.

sometimes i'd even set aside time to do nothing by sit or lie down and listen to the entire thing all the way through the first time i heard it. it really is a great experience, closing your eyes or staring into space and letting the music and words hit you with no other distractions.

i've mentioned in the past that my favorite album of all time is pink floyd the wall. i don't strive to live up to or sound like that album, but it is a goal to shoot for in terms of something worthy of uninterrupted attention. it also contains songs that in themselves may be enjoyable, but a bit short, and make much more sense in the context of the whole album played in order.

the interesting thing about our new album. however, is that while its order is carefully chosen and tracks are faded into one another, whether you play it like that or on shuffle, you'll be hearing a variety of styles. everything is brought together by the voice, writing, and a few similar sounds. but it is also our most diverse.

hopefully this will lead to a core reason anyone bothers to make albums: that it's something interesting and varied enough that you can listen to it again and again.

the kickstarter campaign is over, but you can still pre-order until march 29th using paypal here.

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